Junie B. Jones Children’s Theatre

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve made a post. It seems like there was a lull of theatre related content in my life and all of the sudden so much has happened. I currently have four drafts of posts to write, here’s my first post in what will likely be a rapid fire sequence of posts.


Recently I grabbed a friend and headed to a children’s theatre production of the stage adaptation of Junie B. Jones. Many people around my age grew up reading these books, so for us, it was a trip down memory lane and a chance to support some of my favorite little performers.


The show was super cute and featured some very talented young performers. If you’re a fan of theatre I highly encourage you to support your local school and community theatres… Yes, they may be less impressive and lower budget productions than professional tours of shows, but every professional actor catches the acting bug somewhere smaller. And you never know, you may come out with a new perspective on community theatre. Many small theatres have extremely talented performers, all of whom are undeniably dedicated to their craft, after all they’re clearly not doing it for a paycheck; they’re doing it because it’s what they love.

Another great thing about community theatre is that often, more risks are taken in regards to how something is performed. Community theatre groups aren’t as bound to the type of performance that is expected of professional theatre companies. They are more likely to adapt a production to fit their group, whether that means gender bending a role, performing a certain number in a different key than what it typically is, breaking the standard mold of what a character is ‘supposed’ to look like, changing the general style/vibe of a show, or really anything else… the sky is the limit. Sometimes community theatre groups change things because they have a unique vision, and sometimes they have to, they may not have enough of a budget to do things the way they were initially intended, they might not have the right actor for it, or an unending number of other complications.

The point is, get out and see productions in communities around you, after all supporting the arts starts with you. See anything and everything you can, musicals, straight plays, operas, children’s shows, teen shows, adult shows, and everything in-between. Each production you see will give you another reason to fall in love with live performance all over again.

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