The Magic Flute: My First Opera Experience

I have always wanted to see an opera. Recently, I checked that experience off my theatrical bucket list. I was able to see The Magic Flute. I am so grateful for such an amazing first experience of seeing an opera, I’m now convinced that someday I just have to be in one!


I was lucky enough to know someone in the chorus, so I was able to attend student night, which was actually their last rehearsal before they opened the show to the public. It was an incredible production, the cast was full of talent and stellar comedic timing.

If you’re unsure if operas are for you, this production would be a great way to test the waters and see if you might actually love them! It’s a great comedy and the costuming and wigs were to die for! Plus, the music… absolutely gorgeous (and the orchestra was just as brilliant as the actors).

I urge you, see shows you are unsure about, I went in expecting to love it, but I know many people are wary about operas. The more shows you see, the more elements of theatre you will discover you love. Every show and every production offers something new to learn and experience.

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