Part of the wait is finally over! I recently found out that my next audition will be for the play adaptation of Clue. I’m very excited to take on this comedy where the audience will be able to vote on the ending each night. As of now I plan to be auditioning for Mrs. White and Mrs. Peacock. The next two weeks will consist of lots of audition prep and playing around with voices for all of the characters I could potentially be reading for. I’ll pick back up on this post either after auditions or when the cast list is posted!

Day one of auditions I dressed for Mrs. White– all black, very seductive, black widow type.


As I write this portion of the post it is the second day of auditions. I had what I felt was a very good audition last night and I’ll be going in again tonight for another stab at it. There was a surprisingly large group that auditioned yesterday and I’m excited to see how many people show up tonight! Tonight I am dressed for my other top choice, Mrs. Peacock. Very opposite of Mrs. White, think a batty, church going senator’s wife. Next time I check back in, and probably wrap this post up will be whenever the cast list get posted! See you in the next paragraph, haha.


I’m back and the list has been posted! I’ll be portraying Mrs. Peacock!! Based on what I saw at auditions and the people I’ve worked with before, this is a ridiculously talented cast and I can’t wait to get started! Rehearsals begin October 16th but we should have our scripts within the week. Good thing since we are supposed to be off book by the 22nd! These next few weeks will probably be a whirlwind of religiously watching the movie, the play on YouTube, and never letting my script out of my sight!

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